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Worry Free Rent-to-Own program that offers brand new installations of High Efficiency HVAC equipment for commercial & industrial customers with No Upfront Cost!

Simply Comfort is one of the first 100% Canadian companies on the market which offers a unique Worry Free Rent-to-Own program that offers brand new installations or installations of the new equipment to replace the old HVAC equipment (Heating, Cooling and Water Heating) for commercial and industrial clients. The cost per equipment unit may vary from $1000.00 to $250,000.00.

By offering a variety of Heating & Cooling options to our customers we ensure that your commercial properties are equipped with the best quality High Efficiency products.

Our Rent-to-Own program provides flexible options and acceptable monthly payment plans for both HVAC and Hot Water equipment.

The benefits of the Commercial / Industrial Worry Free, No Upfront Cost program:

  1. You will receive a brand new high efficiency equipment at no upfront cost to your business;
  2. You will be offered a wide variety of rooftop commercial products and flexible plans to suit your business needs;
  3. You will only pay the appropriate monthly rental fee which can be written off as an expense;
  4. During 72 months (6-year term) you will be 100% covered. You will get our ‘Professional 24/7/365 Same Day Service’ which includes all parts and labour.
  5. For any High Efficiency HVAC unit you will be able to get an OPA rebate;
  6. Free replacement in the event that the equipment cannot be repaired;
  7. After 72 months we can offer you a low monthly cost maintenance package for HVAC & Hot water equipment so your business will never have any down time;
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