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The Best in the industry commercial water heaters Rent-to-Own program.
You own the unit after a 72 month term - it's the Best in the industry!

This smart solution will drastically improve the quality of your business, taste of potting water, save up to 50% of detergents for dish washing and reduce your energy bill up to 20%-40%!

Do not wait until your old inefficient Water Heater starts leaking or stops working.

Upgrade your restaurant water system for brand new Modern High efficiency Tank or Tankless water heater + Modern ultimate Chlor-A-Soft softener. You will make a good saving and your clients will notice a huge difference!

We are happy to announce that as of today, all restaurants and bars owners have a great opportunity to replace their old, rusted, inefficient hot water tanks with brand new, High Efficiency, "Energy Star" rated commercial units + Modern ultimate Chlor-A-Soft softener with the Best in the industry terms and monthly rental fee! (You can buy it out as well).

The Commercial Rent-To-Own program has arrived!

Program Benefits

  1. No hidden fees! Just one applicable monthly payment and no upfront cost;
  2. Using tankless you pay for what you consume only and can get up to 40% energy savings;
  3. Using softener you use only half the amount of detergent or soap hard water requires;
  4. Soft water makes dishes and glassware shine, no hard water spots;
  5. Soft water is easier on water-related appliances, reducing repairs and costs;
  6. Soft water greatly improves taste of potting water (soups, tee, coffee, ice cubes);
  7. 24/7/365 Worry Free Coverage + Free Priority Service Parts & Labour;
  8. Free basic installation;
  9. 100% of monthly rentals can be written off as expenses.

Built to last longer

Using Conventional, Power Vented and Electrical commercial high efficiency Tank Water Heaters you can experience up to 20%-30% savings on your energy bill. If you do decide to go Tankless - those savings could jump up to 40%. Choosing a Tankless water heater is the most reasonable and cost effective way to go. You pay only for what you consume.

Rent-To-Own Program Description

  • Available all models of Commercial Water Heaters including Tankless 200.000 BTU (11gallons of hot water per minute)
  • You own the unit after a 72 month term
  • Monthly rental fees: $59.99 - $89.99 (Prices vary based on the unit model. Basic installation and old unit disposal are included)
  • Optional extended warranty after 72 months at only 50% of the initial rental fee with full benefits of our 24/7/365 service program
It's a great value for Restaurants, Bars, Hair Salons and Small Hotels. Don't waste your money on old inefficient units.

Prevention is the Best cure!

Our Rent-To-Own program is your Peace of Mind.

Just send us your name and phone number and we will contact you for pre-inspection appointment.

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