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The Best in the industry Commercial Water Softeners

100% Coverage Guaranteed

Water Softener At Ontario Consumers Home Services, all of our rental Water Softeners are backed with 100% coverage on all Parts and Labour with unlimited service calls!

Experience the peace-of-mind which comes from our “rent and relax” program. We offer simply the best coverage in the industry- call us now to start enjoying!

Home Comfort You Can Count On

Ontario Consumers Home Services offers fast, reliable, priority service for all of our customers. Just pick up the phone and give us a call- we’ll take care of the rest.

Soft Water means Savings

Not only are Water Softeners beneficial for your health, but installing a Water Softener can save an average household up to $71/monthly on accumulated costs from: detergent, gas usage, water usage, soap etc.

Canadian Made

Canadian made means high quality. Ontario Consumers Home Services proudly supports Excalibur water softeners, a Canadian company based out of Barrie.

Clean Water & Longevity

Ontario Consumers Home Services offers Excalibur Water Softeners for the many homes across Ontario which suffer from Hard Water. Hard Water produces scale and deposits in your water which become visible on your shower heads, faucets and appliances.

Water Softeners remove hardness-causing minerals, chlorine and other organic materials (which may be present in city water) and softens the water to ensure clean drinking water for your best health.

Just send us your name and phone number and we will contact you for appointment.

The Commercial Water Softeners Rent-To-Own Program Benefits

  1. No hidden fees and no upfront costs;
  2. Unit costs you nothing + Free softener installation;
  3. Monthly rental fee $79.99; 72 months term;
  4. You use only half the amount of detergent or soap what hard water required; (Restaurants, hotels)
  5. No Hard water spots – soft water makes dishes and glassware shine; (Restaurants, hotels)
  6. Greatly improved taste of potting water (soups, tea, coffee, ice cubes) Restaurants
  7. You use only half the amount of shampoo and conditioner that hard water requires; (Hair Salons & Spa)
  8. Doing laundry in soft water has been proven significantly more effective than in hard water; (Hair Salon & Spa, Hotels)
  9. Soft water is easier on water-related appliances, reducing repairs and costs;
  10. 24/7/365 Worry Free Coverage + Free Priority Service
  11. 100% of all monthly rentals can be written off as expenses

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